Monday, March 7, 2011

Do I need to change my name?

Since I've started this blog, I've been happy with the fact that I'm not very serious when it comes to riding. Well, I'm not serious when it comes to formal training. I AM serious when it comes to actually getting out and riding. Actually, what prompted the name, and the blog for that matter, was when one of the group I ride with couldn't make a Tuesday night ride because it wasn't on his training schedule. Giving up a chance to ride with friends because you had to go on a 50 mile road ride? I can almost guarantee that when you are lying on your death bed, friends and family at your side, you're not gonna look back on your life and say "I'm sure glad I didn't ride with you fuckers that one night...that road ride was much more satisfying."

But, there is something brewing at the NSS headquarters. I'm deep into a pre-season training regimen, I've been REALLY dedicated to my paleo-diet. On days off that I have built into my schedule (yes, I even have a damn training schedule), I'm snowboarding my ass off. This is getting is almost, and I mean almost, serious.

I've got a lot of riding "events" on the books for this year. A double-century gravel grinder in June, a 200 mile bikepacking trip with my son, the 37 mile BAM in July, a 100+ mile Centennial Trail ride in there somewhere, the Dakota Five-O in September, and the 24 Hours of Moab (if I can get a team together...or maybe a solo shot). Even looking at that list makes me kinda queasy. Seems all too much and too serious. The shortest of those rides is 37 miles in the BAM, but even that is a killer. What the hell is wrong with me?

Maybe this is why I don't really care if the winter is over yet. I've been digging hitting the slopes with my son this winter, watching him go from barely making it down the beginner slope to hitting black diamond runs this last weekend. Maybe I'm trying to avoid the impending summertime pain, just postponing it a bit longer.

Nah, I'm ready for it. I want it to come. I'm ready to hear the crunch of the rocks and dirt under my tires. I'm ready for the sting of sweat in my eyes. I'm ready for lung busting climbs and eye watering descents. I'm ready for the challenge of the rides I want to do. But you can be sure if I have to choose between a training ride and riding with friends, I'll be riding with my friends. Maybe.