Monday, August 2, 2010

They're dropping like flies...

Unreal. I am going to take an intermission from the Short Way Down reporting to bring you this news break. Shit is dropping like flies in my house.

I have 4 single bikes (Moots Cinco, Kona Major Jake, C'dale SS, Schwinn Collegiate) as well as our tandem. Currently the Cinco is down for the count as I get her wheels rebuilt. Since the Cinco is out of commission, I went for a ride with the Prince on the Mickelson on Saturday, using my Major Jake.

The Major is a CX bike that is my own personal whip. I've used it for just about everything you can imagine. Commuting, singletrack, road, CX, rollers, pulling my son in his Burley trailer (when he was younger). I've used and abused this bike for sure. When I was changing the tires from my road tires to some 'cross tires for the gravel bed of the Mickelson and was doing some maintenance on it (HA!) when I discovered something. Something HORRIBLE. Something scary. Something that caused a bit of pain in my heart. A crack around the bottom bracket/seat tube junction. I've fucking killed her!

Now I am in a bit of a dilemma. I am out of a mountain bike. What to do about the Major? Do I strip her down and take the frame in right now? Do I keep riding her until the bottom bracket shears all the way off, causing a catastrophic accident? I'm stuck. I don't really want to send the Major in until after the season, but I also don't wanna get bitch-slapped by her either. I suppose once my wheels show up I'll strip her down and send her in. And Major, here is my promise to you...if/once you're fixed I'll take better care of you. At least 'til the end of the year...

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