Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Rollers. The bane of my existence. OK, well maybe not the bane, but for fucks sakes, I don't like riding them. Well, I do, but I don't. How's that for a messed up opening statement?

Here's the deal-e-o. Rollers are a far better method for training (for me anyhow) than using a stationary, clamp-your-rear-wheel, turn-your-t'ain't-into-fiery-hamburger trainer. You get to move around and have a "real" ride feel. Plus, training indoors this time of year, you can control your effort without worrying about crashing on ice, freezing the tip of your wiener off (I think I've done this too many times, which would explain my embarrassing state) or just being uncomfortable 'cause of the cold. So, in this respect, I like rollers.

BUT, I am sick and tired of riding inside! I am ready to get outdoors and ride my bike without having to bundle up like Randy from A Christmas Story . I'm ready to hear the crunch of the earth under my tires. I am ready to smell the forest. I am ready to have sweat from the heat of the mid-day sun sting my eyes.

I'm not ready for winter to be over just yet (I am digging riding my snowboard this winter) but a couple of nice days would make the world just right.

On Saturday I DID bundle up like Randy and jumped on the Stumpy and pedaled outside. Riding off road in the winter is tricky. On one hand, you don't want it to be too cold so you don't freeze stuff, but then again you don't want it to be above freezing as the trail will be muddy. Saturday was a bit on the cold side, but it should have been doable. Yet, it went on to be an EPIC failure. I rode over to M-Hill and in addition to freezing my fingers off, I found the trail to be slicker than cat shit on a linoleum floor (I suppose at some point someone stepped on some cat shit on a linoleum floor and slipped, but I've never understood that phrase, yet I use it). The trail must have melted from the warm day we had on Friday, then with the cold/snow we had on Saturday AM, it froze solid and with the snow acting as a lubricant on top of the ice. So, I cruised around on my bike for a while then headed home. I think my hands are still cold.

I rode my rollers again yesterday. Still ready to ride outside, but I think I'll wait until it is a bit warmer.

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