Saturday, April 9, 2011

See...I TOLD you it would happen!

OK, so it's 4:15 am, not 4:30, and it sure as hell is NOT the greatest post in the world, but here I am.

I should be in the shower right now, but am I? Nope. Here I am writing bullshit down. It's gonna be short though, so no worries.

I'm 45 minutes away from heading out the door and on my way to Colorado Springs for a couple days then on to Fruita and Moab. It's gonna be SWEET to ride with the original group again. We all have been riding together for 15+ years. We've moved away, come back, moved away again, and some have come back again. It will be good to go to the desert and reconnect with those hooligans (although I might be the biggest).

See. Short and sweet. See you all on the flip side. I'm sure there will be some interesting stories for me to relate to you. I'm sure there'll be riding tales, travel tales and drunken campsite tales. Oh yeah, and FOR SURE there'll be at least one naked Bobki tale (that should be TAIL, huh?).

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