Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coming up for air...

So, I've been a very neglectful of this blog for the last couple months, but really, I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to come up for air, much less sit down and spew a bunch of bullshit out of my skull that no one cares about or wants to read.

All sorts of crap has gone on since my last post.  Road bike races, a LOT of fun riding in probably most beautiful fall we've seen in a decade, cyclocross racing (which is still going on and may be a soon upcoming post) have been a big part of the lack of posting, which is a good thing, but not the main reason.

No, the other stuff in life is what happening.  First, the Boy decided to join Boy Scouts this year.  Which, unbeknownst to me, meant I joined Boy Scouts.  Seems like there is a meeting at least once a week, but more often than that there is some sort of event each week in addition to a den/pack meeting in addition to him becoming a professional shill for Orville Redenbacher and the evil GMO-corn giants like Monsanto and selling popcorn.  I am super glad he's doing it and having a good time doing it, but at least I should get some sort of badge for time management or for supporting the economy by buying all that gas or wearing out my truck running him all around.

Second, PTA.  Which should be PiTA (pain in the ass).  You see, my Lovely was the PTA president last year and I was the secretary and all was good and just and right with the world.  Then, she went on and got a new teaching job and said she couldn't be the president again.  So, LOOONNNG story short, we pulled a Freaky Friday and now she's the secretary and I AM the president.  And, she is helping me WAY more than I helped her as the secretary, but none the less, it is taking far too much of my time.  BUT, this is going to come to a messy, glorious head this week.  Our big fall event, Turkey Bingo, is this Thursday night and then I won't have to think about PTA so much.

So, yeah, bitch, bitch, whine, whine.  I've got stuff to do.  Just like 350 million other Americans.  But, unlike the other 98 or so others that don't have a blog, I'm gonna tell you about it again.  Real soon.  I hope.  Before it starts snowing and snowboard season starts and the Boy joins ski team and I start my AM work outs and start a swimming program with Eric and...

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