Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My mind is a beyootiphul blank.

Here I sit, post ride, trying to spew some crap out of my fingertips and onto this virtual paper, and sure there is some stuff dripping out, but really it's nothing.  Hell, this blog is turning into the Seinfeld of blogs.  It is a blog about nothing.  I went for a ride...there's a post.  I ate something cool...there's a post.  I drank too much beer and peed on my shoes...wait, that actually could be a good post.
This is EXACTLY what my mind looks like right now.

Really, I was working on this post all about the Black Hills Back 40 and life as a mid-pack racer, but I re-read it and it was crap.  Well, I whenever I re-read any of my posts I realize they're crap, but this one was stinking up the joint way more than most, so it sits in my draft folder.  Waiting there like a good little post, waiting to be sprung on the world and have the oohs and aahs slathered all over it, or more likely the boos and blaahs.

I haven't gone away, just regrouping and pondering all the boring shit I've done.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll do something REALLY cool this weekend and I'll have the greatest post ever to start next week.  Or, as the cool kids are saying now;  Greatest. Post. Ever.  But I doubt it.  So, be prepared to be amazed by nothing.  Coming soon...

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