Friday, December 26, 2014

Have a Happy Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanza-Festivus and New Year

I pulled off the greatest Christmas coup of my life this year.
I mostly did this post so I could use this picture.
I built a new bike for the Boy. Well, it's not "new" but it's new to him. I got a frame from a friend and it's been languishing in the basement for about 4 months, waiting for me to build it up for the Boy before he outgrew it. Some lightly used parts from friends, a part or two from fleaBay and the rest from Acme and it was finished and was a complete surprise on Christmas morning for the Boy!  

I was feeling bad about giving him a used bike for Christmas, succumbing to the pressure of the media to buy, buy, buy. But thankfully, rational thought overcame those feelings and I realized that 1. He's not going to be on this bike for more than a season or two before he outgrows it. 2. I built this by hand for him, going as far as getting touch-up paint to get the frame looking really good. 3. It turned out REALLY good. I couldn't stop looking at it sitting by the Christmas tree. 
Crappy picture of the bike...Trying to not wake the Boy (whose feet are right
behind the front wheel of his bike).

And, finally, especially for those that we're looking forward to a white Christmas, can thank me for building this bike up, since you know that if I would have got the Boy a sled it would have been dry and brown outside.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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