Thursday, August 27, 2009

Am I too serious?

Here I sit at 2 minutes to 5 am, checking my e-mail and other bike stuff online before I go for a ride. WHAT? That sure sounds like a training ride doesn't it?

Before you get all weird on me, asking "Well, I thought you weren't so serious! You're getting all serious on us after just 2 posts!" just listen. Yeah, I suppose it is a bit of a training ride and I never said you can't go on training rides, you just can't blow off a ride with friends to do a training ride.

In addition, I enjoy riding at the break of dawn. The world is waking up but it is still peaceful outside. Quiet, cool, beautiful; that is how things look at 6 am. I dig it. Also, while I don't like riding the road as much as riding off-road, my ride takes me on a SWEET downhill where hitting 40+ mph is de rigeur. Flyin' down a hill as others are loading up in their cars and heading to work is GREAT! I love it.

So, while it is a bit of a training ride, there still is that wonder and excitement of being a kid on a ride. As you can see, still not-so-serious...

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