Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm surprised Massengill doesn't sponsor a race team.

Why are roadies, or more accurately, serious-acting cyclists such douche-bags? Actually, they're not even cool enough to be a douche-bag. More like an enema bottle. And I am not talking a high level cyclist, like those in the pro ranks. Nope. Most of those guys are actually cool, nice people (there are a few that aren't). I am talking about those guys that aren't even Cat 3 racers that wear full-kit outfits, ride 52cm and smaller bikes so they have short man's diesease, but think they can take Contador out if they just had the right breaks go their way. Let me explain.

Yesterday morning I was out on my normal "training" route on my cross/road/commuter bike (it isn't a real road bike, so I'm not cool) and as I crest a smaller climb, a guy passes me on my left. Mind you it is 6 am and there is barely a soul out in the world, much less other cyclists. Do you think this little, Napoleonic, full-kit, road-racer wanna-be fuck could even grunt out a hi, fuck you, suck-it or any other greeting to another cyclist? Nope. The best part of all of it was he put the hammer down to pass me, he got a little ways ahead of me then held it there. I closed the gap a little bit (about in half) and kept it there. He kept looking over his shoulder at me, trying to do his best Lance Armstrong "the look" imitation. All that told me was he spent everything passing me and was just holding on to his lead. So, I suppose he couldn't say hi 'cause he was beyond his anaerobic threshold, but seriously, give me a break. No other people out this morning, much less another cyclist and you can't grunt something?

You tiny little fuck. You weigh about the same as my legs so I am sure that was part of the reason you could pass me, but I could have reeled you in as you saw in my acceleration when I closed the gap down. But, maybe, just maybe you were afraid that if I caught you I'd get your pot of gold or your Lucky Charms.

I don't get it. It isn't like there are millions, thousands or hell even hundreds of cyclists on the roads, especially here in South Dakota. We're all part of the same "team". We're on two human powered wheels in a world made for 4 motorized wheels. We have a kinship, a brother(or sister)hood. Whether we're riding for fitness, fun, commuting, relaxation or for no reason at all, we should all appreciate it when we see another on a bike. At least I give a nod if I can't say something at that moment.

If I see that little Leprechaun out on his Barbie bike again, I will chase him down and steal his pot of gold. But you can be sure I'll say hello when I am doing it.

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