Friday, June 4, 2010

Mother Nature and I are gonna tangle...

I have been slacking on updating posts lately. Maybe a bit of a mental block, maybe just I've been busy or maybe that dirty little whore we call Mother Nature has put a literal damper on any festivities.

I had (have) a post regarding the Memorial Day weekend ready to roll, or close to it, but after re-reading it, I realized it was boring as hell. I was recapping the great festivities of the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival, or at least recapping from my perspective, in this post. And I'll probably finish it up and bore the world with it this weekend at some point, but today I just needed to cut loose with some light ranting.

As I have mentioned, I usually work out my post ideas when I am riding (esp. by myself) but we've had enough rain in the last week to make Noah nervous. This much rain does NOT make for good riding. Actually, I was gonna go for a ride this morning (yet notice how I am here writing) but I don't like sliding around on the piles of worms all over the road. Shit, I couldn't even finish mowing the lawn last night because of the rain. Yeah, I'm a pussy. I refuse to mow in the rain. Besides, I have a damn-hippy, battery powered lawn mower (note how I put a comma in there so you don't think it was a hippy-battery, which might be a hemp battery that smells like patchouli), so I am afraid of shorting it out or getting electrocuted. And if I get electrocuted and it blows the hair off my body, we'll have a different mess to clean up, but that is another story.

I am getting sick of the rain. And more importantly, I am sick of hearing the pat answer "Well, we need the moisture". I think next time I hear some old codger say that line when someone mentions the rain, I am gonna punch them in the nuts. No, no we DON'T need anymore rain. We're 3+ inches up on where we need to be for the year. We're gonna have mosquitos, ticks and poison ivy so bad it will be like a new form of pestilence because of this moisture, so nope, we don't need anymore.

But, this is all I can bitch about in one day. I'll finish up the BHFTF reporting this weekend at some point, the weather is supposed to "dry out" a bit and I am sure I'll get in a ride or two. But it better hurry up, I am getting prune hands from all this damn rain.

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