Thursday, May 23, 2013

NSS v 3.0

To make up a quote that Gen. Douglas McArthur probably did't speak, "I have returned!"  I'm back (mostly) from my guest blogging duties over at the Tatanka 100 website  (click the linky thing to check out the website).  Guest blogging...who woulda thought.

I'm getting ready to take to the road and head to Colorado for my niece's graduation and thought, what the hell, let's slap some new words down in the NSS blog since I've not been here since Thanksgiving.  Why not?  That's totally my M.O., I should be doing something else, but instead I'm putting down some incoherent nonsense.

I think I need to get back on the bike...
It's good I'm heading to CO so I can ride my stupid bike.  After the snowiest April on record in our
A Rapid City resident from last week
fair city (which all came after Terry Peak closed, so no snowboarding either), we've now turned into ducks around here with a lot of rain in the last week or so.  I'm trying to get somewhat ready for the Gold Rush Gravel Grinder coming up in just over two weeks and then the Tatanka 100.  With cold rain and me being a fair weather pussy anymore, I'm not riding as much as I should or more importantly, want to.

So, I'll be back at the helm of NSS with some sort of irregularity, blessing you with my brand of bullshit.  I've had a lot of stuff go down in the last 6 months, so I have quite the backlog of crap to spew, which will probably mean I really have nothing to say.  And hopefully, I can pick up a guest-blogger as well to fill in some gaps for me.

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