Saturday, May 25, 2013


As I mentioned the other day, I'm back in the saddle here at NSS HQ, or at least the roaming version of NSS HQ.  Since my LOOONG hiatus I've stepped squarely into 2009, ditched the dumb phone and upgraded to a phone that is a lot smarter than it, so I'm now blogging-on-the-go (so excuse the multitude of typos and the higher level of incoherent crap than normal).  Maybe at some point I'll get even more moder and realize blogs are for old people (which I guess I kinda am) or they are dead and I'll permanently shutter this whole thing up for good.  Meanwhile, I'll see what it's like typing on this tiny keyboard.

I had mixed emotions leaving NSS HQ on this particular weekend as it is the BHFTF (Black Hills Fat Tire Festival) and I've volunteered at it every year since our return to the Black Hills. Leaving meant no helping, obviously.

But all that was soothed when I was able to ride a favorite ride yesterday, Waterton Canyon. Super flowy, steep singletrack got me super pumped. So stoked in fact that I'm gonna go do it again the morning!  So, even though I wanted to be home for the BHFTF, this substitute will do just fine.

(I actually have some pictures, but the bloggy thing and the mobile thing don't play too well together, so I'll put 'em in later. I guess this phone isn't as smart as I thought. If Steve Jobs were still alive I'd tell him to suck it.)

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