Monday, April 26, 2010

Is it time to panic yet?

I always get this way before a trip. Right now, I am panicking, thinking of all the stuff I need to get done before the annual Rambler Moab trip. You might ask what I am doing writing on this blog when I could be getting some stuff ready. Lemme explain.

Unlike my normal M.O., I actually got stuff ready this weekend. My tent that was mangled in last fall's Curt Gowdy trip was set up, repaired, cleaned and packed up. All the camping supplies were cleaned and readied. My bike is almost ready to roll, with both fork and rear shock having been rebuilt, new cables, chain, and brakes bled. I'll get my clothes ready tonight.

No, actually, I am panicking because we have a whole bunch of guys going and I am feeling a bit like a camp mom. When we were in the planning stages of this year's trip, I told JT "Fuck it, we need to let one of these other guys plan the trip this year." JT, being the voice of reason said "It will not happen then." He was right. We've had others do more in prepping this year's trip than ever, and I feel like we're still a little behind. Maybe it is the control freak in me that is wanting to know everything that is or isn't happening.

I realize that as long as I have my riding gear, my bike and my sleeping stuff, everything will be OK. But, until we're on the road, I'll be panicking the whole time, sweating the details.

Now, I need to go find that 3.5 mm allen wrench. You never know if someone is gonna need it.

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