Tuesday, July 6, 2010

After 36 hours I'm F*#@IN' bored!

My wife and son left for Florida on Sunday and I am already bored. I know many people out there would relish some time alone. And I will get some stuff done around the house that I wouldn't be able to get done if they were here, but I am still bored so I'll probably end up passing that bored feeling along to you via this little lame write-up.

Speaking of my wife, I have to tell you (and in a weird way, her) how it usually goes when she reads the stuff I write. She usually gives me a one sentence review. She'll say "Your post today was funny" or "Your post today was kind of negative." Yesterday she said, "Your blog today was very patriotic." To which I replied "Oh, you read it? (actually, I am always surprised when she reads it) What about the post before that? I thought it was funny, it made me laugh when I was writing it." To which she replied "No. It said fuck too many times in it. If there are two fucks in one sentence, it loses me." Huh? Really? It loses her? Shit, I don't want to lose 11% of my readers. I think the reason it loses her is two fold. First it's because she doesn't know who could be reading this and is worried that I'll offend someone and second, she is a lot damn smarter than me so she can express herself when she wants without resorting to adolescent behavior or language and I can't. She is a self-proclaimed pirate when our son isn't around and we're in the right company so she can drop F-Bombs as well as anyone, but I guess I won't be putting fuck more than once per sentence. Fuck. See...two sentences!

Actually I've got some great riding planned for the upcoming week and it is nice that I won't feel guilty about going and not spending time with our son, but it still isn't the same with them not around. I will get weird before the 10 days are up, talking to the dog, not going to bed when I should, roaming around the house with no clothes on, you know...weird.

When they get back my son and I are going to be going on our second annual Short Way Down ride, riding the Mickelson Trail in two days, but I am concerned that he hasn't been on the tandem much this year and it will be tough for him but he is ready to go. He actually wants to do it in MORE days so we can camp longer, which would be cool, but we'll do a 2 day ride first to see how it goes.

Well, I guess I've bored you enough for one day. If you are out and about and drive by my house, swing in and say hi. On second thought, call first. I should put some clothes on.

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