Friday, July 23, 2010

I wonder if I could pack more into my life...

So much crap has transpired since my last post, I can barely comprehend it, which is also why I haven't posted anything in a while. Where do I begin?

Well, as I happened to mention, my family was in Florida. Last Thursday I went to Colorado (Denver to be specific) to pick them up from the airport and spend a weekend with the rest of my family and get some riding in with some old friends.

I made it to DIA at the right time to pick up my wife and son, leaving SD just 6 hours prior to their plane's landing. No room for error or breakdowns...flying on faith in mechanical things for me for sure. It was great to see them after nearly 2 weeks. The moment of initially seeing them in the airport was the last calm moment we had for the next 3 1/2 days. Blasting around Colorado, packing as much into each day was the name of the game.

Friday saw us leave for Colorado Springs at 9 am and not return to my brother's house until 11:15 that night via a shitty, twisty mountain road that set my nerves on edge. But the day was great, with me riding Limbaugh Canyon/Mt. Hermann with Bobki and Satellite (kinda), getting lost, trespassing on someone's property, getting chased by their dogs and finally running into a tree. A great ride.

Without getting into the minutia, we returned home late afternoon on Sunday (when does afternoon end and evening begin? I never know). Then another whirlwind began...preparing for our 2nd annual Short Way Down trip. As a matter of fact, I sit here typing this with jerky on the smoker at 6 am and I should be finishing my packing. Remember the PROcrastination? Yeah, I thought so.

Last, but certainly not least, our Teamfubar X stickers dropped this last week. If you want one (or 12) let me know. I've got about 150 of these left after doling out 100 or so of them. We need to take the TF logo world wide!

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  1. Hey, make sure to connect up using the HZ trail (just past the Palmer Lake overlook) when coming down through Limbaugh, it skirts the private land, we are still working with the Forest Service to get the small private portion (by the overlook) swapped with the landwowner