Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crashes of all sorts...

Excuses are like assholes...everyone has one. I could give you a shit ton of reasons why I haven't posted since telling you I am going to start posting more or I can just, well, yeah, I'll give you some half assed excuses.

I really do have a post going for my recent trip to the high desert of western Colorado and Moab. I went with friends that I haven't been able to ride with in literally years and I (we) had a great time. My post isn't that lengthy in words, but in pictures. Unfortunately, loading pictures onto this blog isn't the most user friendly process, so I get kinda pissy when I'm doing it and only have the patience to load 4-5 shots at a time. I am in the middle of doing this when disaster struck. Well, I wasn't actually loading pictures, but my post about the trip is more than 1/2 way done when shit hit the fan.

Friday morning before heading out to work, I was loading some songs onto my phone. You see, I discovered the joy of Pandora when I was on my trip. Two of the guys had smart phones and we had them connected to the internet and listening to Pandora the entire time. It was a wonderful thing and at some point I will get one, but since I come from a long line of tightwads, I'll just load music onto my phone to old fashioned know, like your grandpa did.

So anyhow, I start loading some new songs onto my phone and I walk away for a minute and when I come back, my MiniMac was dead. I tried all sorts of things to get it to run again to no avail. Part of me wants to blame my cheap-assed phone for crashing the computer although, realistically, it was just coincidental. Everything we have is on that computer. All my music, a fair number of movies, and all of our pictures including every single picture of the Boy and pictures of my trip, which is why I can't finish my post.

All is not lost with the Apple though. We took it into the local Apple service provider yesterday. After the guy fiddled around with it, he said he thought it was the logic board. Shit...that sounds expensive. Yep. The guy says "Usually when these go out on the Mini's people just buy new ones." Nice. Then I say "Hey, I bought the Apple Care when I got it which covers it for 3 years." After checking, the guy says it expired 1 FUCKING MONTH AGO! Great. He then says "Maybe call Apple, since it was only a month ago, they might make an exception." When I get home I call Apple and was on the phone for almost an hour with them. I could go into the details of how I was super nice on the phone, being complimentary about their product, how wonderful it's been, blah, blah, blah, remembering from my time in retail how much more I like to help calm friendly people with a problem then irate customers, but I won't. I will tell you that Apple WILL PAY for parts for me, all I have to do is pay for labor. Coolio!

Well, the Apple crash isn't the only crash we've had around here this week. We had a crash of a different sort the night before too. The Boy and I rode HLMP on the tandem Thursday night. We've been riding over there a fair amount recently, getting kinda "jaunty" on the big purple tandem, doing things like jumping it(!), doing some high berm "wall rides" and basically riding it like a maniac and we've been loving it. So, we rode out on a trail, did a loop, came back and started to ride up to the "summit". Just before the top there is a rocky, technical left hand corner that isn't a gimme and is difficult for a lot of people on single bikes. We were riding
strong and felt like tonight was the night to clean it. We started hammering on it and made it through the roughest stuff. Just as our front tire rolled onto the last rock, *BAM* our freehub blew. Our forward torque on the pedals caused us to go over. I tried in vain to stop us from falling to the ground, but over we went. The rocks, hill and the momentum caused the tandem to flip over me and as I rolled over, I see the tandem roll across and flip over onto the Boy, coming to a rest on top of him. I quickly throw it off of him and he jumps up and walks around for a second. He comes to me, crying a little. I hug him and ask him if he's OK as he assesses his injuries and quits crying. He then says to me "Dad, I love it when we crash cause I feel all jiggly inside!"

Jiggly inside indeed. I apologize for the wordy post today, as soon as the Mac is back, I'll get a photo based post put up. Until then, I hope you get to ride and have no occasion to get all jiggly inside.

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