Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mountain bikes, injured livers and Pandora

Without getting into crazy details, the annual Rambler trip didn't happen for me.  Logistically and financially I couldn't swing it.  But damn, I needed to get away for a desert trip, so I planned out a trip with Al (previous owner of Backcountry Bikes in Sheridan, WY and long time friend), Cletus, Bobki and my cousin Aaron.  Even though this is my "core" group of friends and we've all been friends for a long time (16+ years) we all had not ridden together in, shit, something like 7 years.  

So, last month, we saddled up Al's ride (the only one big enough and/or reliable enough to take us all) and headed to points south.  We ended up riding in Colorado Springs (my old stomping grounds), Fruita and Moab.  

I could blather on about the minutia of the trip, but I won't. I will tell you that we all tried to get all Chuck Norris and karate chop our livers (and I think we were successful in this endeavor), I discovered the joys of Pandora and a smart phone, which was detailed in a previous post regarding that and the temporary death of my Mac.  (I'm actually listening to Pandora right now, though it is on my computer as opposed to my phone, since my phone is decidedly not smart.)  Overall the trip was super rad, we had fun together, met cool people and rode some sweet trails. I'll let the pictures do the talking. And maybe add some captions that enhance your viewing pleasure.
Aaron looking into the trailer and wondering if it is too late to back out of this trip.
Al, looking refreshingly dapper in his Dog the Bounty Hunter attire.
Bobki, getting ready to set sail in Palmer Park.
Aaron reflecting on where his life went so wrong he ended up with us, in front of Pikes Peak.
Bobki, making the turn on the Cheyenne Trail, Palmer Park.
Aaron letting us know he's not a stupid as we are.
Me, giving my suspension a workout at Palmer Park.
Cletus, making the turn at Palmer Park
Seriously, this was a long time coming...Cletus FINALLY swapping out those things he called grips with actual, new grips.  We all were scared of those old ones.
"Hey Al, isn't that the spot where we consummated our love?"
"Where the fuck did I put my riding skills?"

Bobki takin' a leak...honestly, who DOESN'T have a picture of this?
"If I have to look up ONE MORE thing for these old fucks, I'm gonna download an App to kill them in their sleep..."
Cletus makin' it look easy...that bastard.
Cletus doing what he does best...freakin' Bobki out and hanging his feet off a cliff.  About 300' above the ground at Gemini Bridges.
I think I found Jim Morrison...
A ruggedly handsome crew.
We had a long way to go to the Portal...
The LaSals from the rim.
Once again, Cletus hanging his legs over the edge (note how small the highway below looks).
The holiest of mountain bikes at the Holy Cross (this picture was taken expressly for the Princess).
Cletus droppin' a chute at the end of the Holy Cross and makin' it look easy.
Cletus lookin' super sexy...too bad the inside of this tent smelled like the inside of Al's ass.
So there you have it.  A photographic journey with us.  I might add a few more pics when I get them, but I'll let you know when I do.  Just looking at these shots makes me want to do it all again.

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