Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Belgians are Coming, The Belgians are Coming!

Every morning I have a ritual. Get up before any other sane living creatures are awake, make a huge cup of coffee, trip on downstairs, fire up the Mac and cruise through about a dozen or so websites and/or blogs, mostly bike related, which is why those eagle-eyed readers will note most of my post times are somewhere around 5 a.m., then workout. This morning is no exception. I will be riding the rollers of death sometime after finishing this.

While perusing my usual sites I came across something over at the Drunkcyclist that made me almost pee my pants, but I didn't know if it was true, so I bounced on over to Cyclingnews to verify. Lo and behold, it was TRUE! The 2013 Cyclocross WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS are coming to the US! The BELGIANS ARE COMING, THE BELGIANS ARE COMING. Like a weird, Paul Revere dressed like Nacho Libre, I am telling the world, or more realistically, the 4 readers of this blog, that for the first time EVER, the Worlds are leaving Europe!

All right, maybe it isn't 100% official yet, but a group out of Kentucky put in a bid to host the 2013 race and the UCI has said they are the front runner for hosting the race! I've never wanted to visit Kentucky, mostly 'cause I don't dig horses and I don't wanna kiss my sister like that, but I just might want to make a trip for this one.

Shit, now I have MORE training to do...high reps with right arm (for ringing the cowbell) and 12 oz. lifts with the left arm. Why 12 oz.? For drinking and performing PBR hand-ups. I know they are world-class CX racers, but c'mon, they're still CX racers. They'll take a PBR hand up. Especially from a guy dressed in Nacho Libre attire. They will if they know what's good for 'em...

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