Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Nerd, Geeks and I Dream About.

As many, nah, actually ALL people that know me know, I have an affinity for Star Wars. The whole series I-VI, none of this "Well, the original IV-VI was good, but then new stuff is crap" or anything like that. I am a complete nerd and have all six movie posters up in the family room where the TV is. I have all my Star Wars toys from when I was a kid and I don't let my son play with them (though he has TONS of his own, new Star Wars toys, which are WAY cooler than mine). I have seen Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope at least 150 times, which is serious. I would never lie about that.

I have dressed as a Star Wars character for many Halloweens. I have a full-on Darth Vader costume and a Jedi robe, so I can be a good guy or a bad guy whenever I want. Next year when I dress up for Halloween, I hope my wife will dress like this...I am sure there is a lightsaber/boner joke in here somewhere, I just can't think of it right now...

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