Saturday, January 9, 2010

What the hell was I thinking?

Way back, once upon a time, I was a serious cyclist. I raced a lot, I trained, I was in great shape. During this time, I was the ringleader of a 24 hour race team, Teamfubar. We last raced together in 2000 at the 24 Hours of Moab, where we placed 15th out of 120 teams, not too shabby if you ask me.

We (Teamfubar) didn't really quit outright after that, but it just happened. There were no conversations, no "meetings", no fighting, nothing of the sort, though I am thinking there may have been a cuppie involved. We were just at that right (or wrong) age where jobs and families started to take over in our lives and the 24 hour thing just organically disintegrated.

Fast-forward 9+ years from our last race together. Last summer I was hanging out with the Princess and Brian and the subject came up. It went something like this:
Princess: "I miss 24 hour racing."
Me: "Yeah, me too."
Princess: "We should do the 24 Hours of Moab again." (Waving her hand in front of my face.)
Me: "We should do the 24 Hours of Moab again."
Princess: "You should get the team back together." (Again waving her hand.)
Me: "I should get the team back together."

Holy SHIT. She did a mutha-fuckin' Jedi Mind Trick on me! (I think the Jedi Mind Trick had already taken place on Brian as he was agreeing with everything she said too.) What the hell? I thought that those only worked on the weak minded, oh, wait a minute, ah...never mind.

We agreed then and there that the Princess, Brian, Bobki and I would do the 5 person open class, the class we raced in the past. And in true Teamfubar fashion, we have a few options for the fifth person, but no one that has committed. But that will come.

The biggest problem with doing the 24 hours is I now HAVE TO TRAIN! Early morning workouts, double-secret training rides, long hours on the road, watching my food and beer consumption, trimming my ball hair, shaving my back, etc. FUCK. When I said "YES" to this I didn't think it through. My emotions took over and made my ego say I could do it.

I realize I've spent the last 10 years casually riding my bike. I did train a little last year, but nothing the way I'm going to have to train for this. SO, now I don't have time to continue puking this out, 'cause I have to go do my Wednesday morning weight workout. Just sounds creepy, doesn't it?

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