Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Screw that bastard Tony Kornholer

OK. I am REALLY pissed off this morning. For those that may or may not know, last week that fucker, Tony Kornheiser, said more or less to run cyclists down with their cars. He also made fun of cyclist attire (yeah, because baseball, football or basketball player's uniforms look so fuckin' cool.) I sent a few e-mails to ESPN and here is how it went.

Here's my first e-mail, limited to 450 characters on their website.
I would like to know the action ESPN is going to take regarding Mr. Kornheiser's comments last week about encouraging motorists hitting cyclists with their cars. When he made comments regarding Ms. Storm's outfit, he was suspended. Now he has gone too far in the recommendation of running people on bicycles over with their automobiles because he doesn't like them.
I sincerely hope you do something about Mr. Kornheiser. People's lives are at stake.
And, here's the response I got.
Thank you for contacting ESPN and giving us an opportunity to respond, though it should be noted that Tony made these comments on a local radio station that is not owned or operated by ESPN. Yesterday, Tony spoke with cyclist Lance Armstrong privately and apologized for his comments. Lance appeared on Tony's radio show today to talk about it. You can listen to the interview at the station's website:


ESPN Viewer Response

Here is my last response, dripping with sarcasm. I am sure this response will get Tony Kornholer fired or at least suspended.

Thank you for responding. I guess because he did this outside of ESPN's control, it is OK to tell people in 2 ton cars to run cyclists on 25 lb. bikes. I think I remember Michael Irvin being fired from ESPN for being inappropriate on his own time, but he was only endangering himself, not thousands of viewers.

I suppose if Mr. Kornheiser said run football, baseball, or basketball players over something would have happened, as those are your core audience. Cyclists don't watch ESPN so it is OK to just pretend it didn't happen. Oh, I forgot, he apologized to Lance Armstrong. I guess we're even.

HIghly disappointing to say the least.

Fuck Tony Kornholer. Fuck ESPN. I need all 5 readers of this blog to flood ESPN's offices with e-mails demanding his resignation (or suspension at least).

These douche bags that have nationally syndicated radio shows, whether it be Rush Limbaugh telling us how to deal with the drug problem while popping illegal Oxycontin, Don Imus calling a college women's basketball team "nappy-headed 'hos" or this Tony Kornholer, have lost their touch with reality and don't understand the power of their comments. Suppose they have 1,000,000 listeners. If even 0.1% of their audience acts upon their comments, we'll have 100 cyclists mowed down in the streets. Even 1 is too much.

Thank you for listening to my rant. We now return you to your regular scheduled nonsense...

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